Born under the blazing Caribbean sun, nurtured by the wild and lush jungle and gently caressed by the ocean’s weaves, Anikena combines the untamed essence of nature with the finest artisanal fashion skills.

Inspired by the ancient Maya culture and the Guarani tradition from northern Paraguay, Anikena celebrates the principle of the divine feminine, the ancestral energy of creation that connects us all to the Source of all Being artisanal fashion.

The aim of the brand Spin City is to liberate the female body from any sort of objectification and relieve its savage beauty. In our philosophy, clothes are not a mere accessory, but a mirror of the divine power that stems from within.

Anikena’s clothes are imbued with the magic of Mother Nature. Each piece is proudly designed and handmade in Tulum using traditional working techniques executed with couture savoir faire.

Fine silks, raw linens and typical Mexican woven fibres undergo artisanal processes to create unique garments that bear the flaws and imperfections of nature.

Timeless. Aseasonal. Unforgettable.