“forget me not”

Born under the blazing Mexican sun, nurtured by the wild and luscious jungle and gently caressed by the Ocean’s weaves, anikena combines the untamed essence of nature with the finest artisanal fashion skills. Drawing inspiration from the ancient Maya tribal culture and the tradition of Guarani indians from northen Paraguay, anikena celebrates the principle of divine feminine, the ancestral energy of creation that eternally connects the soul of every woman and every man to the Source of all Being. The aim of the brand is to liberate the female body from any sort of objectification and relieve its savage beauty. Clothes are not a mere accessory, but the mirror of the true goddess power that stems from within, a concept deeply grounded in both Mayan and Guarani spiritual beliefs. To express this incredible potential, anikena gathers natural elements such as shells, semi precious stones, crystals and turns them into the embellishments that adorn its creations. With the blessing of Mother Earth embedded in the textiles, anikena‘s clothes are imbued with magic.

Each piece is proudly designed and handmade in Tulum by following traditional working techniques executed with couture savoir faire. The local and limited production is entirely sustainable and respectful of the environment. Fine silks, raw linens and tipical Mexican woven fibres from yucca and palm trees undergo through a natural dyeing process that gives them shades of fresh exotic flowers, bark, leaves, and wood found in the the jungle. All clothes are unique and bear the flaws and imperfections of nature, which make them even more special and personal to wearear. As mankind has always dreamed of eternity, anikena’s pieces are timeless, aseasonal, unforgettable and meant to last for a lifetime.

anikena honors the goddesses of today, who live a cosmopolitan urban life, but always carry the wilderness of their roots, the grace of the elements and the spirit of the jungle deep in their heart.


Fashioned by Nature not by
the fashion industry.

Created for the Future through
wisdom of the Past.

Liberator of the true feminin spirit
within every men.

Concrete example that craft is art.

Unicity is the ultimate luxury.

Beauty is perfectly imperfect.

Conscious fighter for the conversation
of this Planet.

Worshipper of contemporary tribes.

Master of the principle of the circle:
Time has no end nor beginning, seasons do not
exist, the dream of creativity rises in eternal spirals