Anikena on Vogue Italy

Aníkena, Mexican brand that’s challenging the rules of haute couture: Vogue Italy

By proposing a new concept “from the jungle”, Aníkena combines the indomitable essence of nature with the finest artisanal skills in fashion. This is the central topic of the article published by Italy’s most important fashion magazine: Vogue.

“With a background in fashion design, art and music, the creative team behind Aníkena was deeply inspired by the amazing environment of the Yucatán Peninsula, where the crystal-clear waters of the ocean meet never-ending white-sand beaches, and the jungle guards hidden cenotes and Mayan ruins”. This is how Vogue Italy presents this sustainable and locally produced haute couture brand.

Creative Director Betania Estragó explains that her main objective is to take action to create beauty without damaging this incredible planet’s resources. “All of Aníkena´s designs are unique pieces embellished with sea shells, semi-precious stones and crystals, as well as recycled plastic collected from the coasts. Our designers take the plants and flowers used for decoration in AZULIK and transform them into natural dye for textiles, that way no element goes to waste”, explains Estragó in the article published after the brand’s official launch in November 2018.

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