Aníkena, the perfect example of conscious fashion, according to La Nación

Aníkena, the perfect example of conscious fashion, according to La Nación

The creative duo that started the brand, Fernand Preda and Betania Estragó, was interviewed by the Paraguayan journal La Nación, where they talked about their interest in creating a product that conveys issues like sustainability and the rescue of artisanal values in native communities without having a negative impact in the environment.

“Faced by the question ¿is slow fashion -a more conscious production model- the future of fashion? Betania says: ‘Personally, I believe that fast fashion is ruining the planet. The clothing industry now comes second when talking about the most polluting activities, just below the oil industry.

This is not to mention the deteriorating human working conditions. Slow fashion is a response to these symptoms and a statement that characterizes the new universe of Aníkena”.

For his part, Fernando highlights the importance of rescuing artisanal techniques in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Paraguay.

“In my mind, every dress is a treasure, which is why it excites me to see Asian customers wearing ju lacing, Russian women in love with our embroidery that uses silver butterflies made out of recycled spoons from Guatemala and dyed flowers made by rising artists Missil”.

Among Aníkena’s plans for 2019 is participating in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City. It also aims to install pop-ups in Paris, Berlin, Tokio and Rome, as well as participating in the Paris Couture Week.

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